Sloe Gin & Tonic Cupcakes

Sloe Gin & Tonic Cupcakes

Merry New Year all! So another Christmas has come and gone. Mine involved a rebellion against tradition, resulting in a truly excellent Christmas dinner of roast duck with a herby root vegetable gratin, and sprouts with bacon and chestnuts (okay so the rebellion didn’t go as far as sprouts, some traditions are here to stay)  

Sloe Gin & Tonic Cupcakes 2

As it turns out, starting a food blog leads to birthdays and Christmases filled with wonderful new cookbooks and tableware, as evidenced by both this recipe and the fabulous cake stand featured in the picture above. Isn’t it beautiful? I think so and I’m truly grateful. 

Sloe Gin & Tonic Syrup

I’m also grateful that every year my lovely boyfriend buys me an utterly fabulous bottle of sloe gin for Christmas.  For those unfamiliar with the wonder that is a good sloe gin (none of that cheap fake chemically nonsense please) I beg you, try it this winter over a little ice (if you like your liquor strong) or mingled with tonic.

For me it will always be my winter beverage of choice, it has a certain astringency and bitterness that warms my cockles. So when I was flicking through one of my Christmas cookbooks and came across the concept of cocktail cupcakes, I knew what had to be done. (continue reading…)