Lavender Marshmallows

Lavender Marshmallows 1

Guys! Guys! Guys! (To be shouted in the Brooklyn accent of my tiny niece) I beg you, I implore you, make your own marshmallows, it’s an absolute revelation.

Lavender Marshmallows 2

The inspiration for this recipe came from evening at Mark Hix’s marvellous restaurant Tramshed.¬†What sets Tramshed apart is the fact that its menu is super simple, offering you the main course choice of either chicken or steak. Between the 4 of us, we ordered both a whole roast chicken and a massive steak and let me tell you, these guys know what they’re doing. However, it was the dessert that really knocked me out.

Lavender Marshmallows 3

Our choice of dessert consisted of a chocolate fondue with fresh mini donuts and marshmallows for dipping, insanely decadent. I don’t think I’d ever eaten a freshly made marshmallow before and they just blew me away. They were fluffy, sweet and moist, they melted almost instantly in the mouth and, thankfully, they bore absolutely no resemblance to the packaged, chemical ridden variety. (continue reading…)