Kale Pesto, Olive & Mozzarella Pizza Rolls

Kale Pesto Pizza Rolls 1

Why is it that whenever I try to cut down on my wheat consumption I am assailed with amazing wheat based recipes at every turn! This week it was Joy The Baker and her fabulous pepperoni pizza rolls that got under my skin and wouldn’t let me rest until I’d put my own spin on the recipe.

Kale Pesto Pizza Rolls 2

To justify making these pizza rolls, I decided to fool myself into believing they were healthy by thoroughly injecting them with kale.  I recently discovered the joys of homemade pesto and it turns out that the kale variety, whilst being full of lovely vitamins, tastes incredible. I was worried that without the basil something would be lacking, but the flavour is just as distinctive and works perfectly with the mozzarella and olives.

Kale Pesto Pizza Rolls 3

These pizza rolls are marvellous served warm from the oven, crispy on the outside and super soft and saucy in the middle. And what’s more, they only take about an hour to prepare so you can even whip them up for a quick post-work supper! (continue reading…)

Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives

Baked Chicken 1

Nigel Slater is my food hero. If I could choose one tv chef to cook dinner for me, I would definitely choose Nige. Okay so he’s not the fanciest of chefs, I probably wouldn’t get michelin star fussy food, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that if Nigel is cooking you dinner you will really, really enjoy it.

Whenever I watch Simple Suppers, I find myself either wanting to make everything on the show immediately, or thinking of asking him to adopt me (so long as I can keep my actual parents as well, of course)

Baked Chicken 2

Mr Slater specialises in simple, achievable recipes, with the focus very much on making quality ingredients go a long way. This is something I can definitely buy into, for me taste always has to be the top consideration and to be honest my presentation skills leave a serious amount to be desired, so if my food doesn’t taste good then I’m in trouble!

Baked chicken 3

I’ve had a lot of requests lately for savoury dishes, which isn’t exactly my area of expertise. But I knew that Nige could help me out, so I went straight to his Kitchen Diaries, specifically the wonderful second volume. (continue reading…)