Spelt Crust, Aubergine, Ricotta & Basil Pizza

Spelt crust pizza 1

Wheat doesn’t like me, not one little bit. Too much wheat and my belly swells into a solid little bowling ball, which ruins the line of a good pencil dress. Graphic, I know, apologies.

Spelt crust pizza 2

So a few months ago I decided to cut back on my wheat consumption,  I’m never going to give it up completely, as frankly a life without cake and biscuits just isn’t worth living, but I figure a little less wheat pasta and bread can only be a good thing.

Spelt crust pizza 3

Whilst biscuits and cakes just aren’t the same in a wheat-free format, there are certain wheaty foodstuffs that can actually be pretty marvellous when you switch out the flour for something a little different, mainly those that involve a bread dough. (continue reading…)