Sesame Crusted Salmon & Sushi Rice Bowl

Sesame salmon 5

Yesterday, at a surprise baby shower (a great success, by the way), I enjoyed the glorious English tradition of afternoon tea, with a slightly less traditional glass of fizz. Feasting on finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream was an incredibly pleasant way to while away the hours before the long winter night set in. However, after all of that utter decadence my evening meal had to be something well behaved and virtuous.

Sesame salmon 2

When I’m after something tasty but virtuous my mind always turns to Japanese food. I am by no means an expert in this area, I’ve never been to Japan (although I’d love to go, if it didn’t involve being on a plane for a ridiculous amount of time) but I have eaten enough Japanese food to know that I love it!

Sesame salmon 3

This dish is not in any way authentic but it does bring together a few of my favourite flavours and ingredients in a way that is super tasty and incredibly easy to prepare after a hard day of jamming scones into your face. (continue reading…)

A late summer barbecue


This weekend I had the great privilege to attend a glorious late summer barbecue at the home of the lovely Jodie and Toddy.┬áJodie’s family own a fishing business, a traditional smokehouse and a fabulous fish restaurant (The Butley Orford Oysterage), so we knew right off the bat we were in for a treat!

As well as the usual barbecue fare, we were utterly spoilt with Pinney’s amazing smoked salmon, Pina Coladas (there was a cuban theme and Todd makes a mean Pina!) and more lobsters than I could count!

As if that wasn’t enough, Jodie and her mum had prepared not one but 3 desserts! A highly alcoholic Rum Baba (my absolute favourite! How did you know Jodes!?), creamy Lemon Posset and some gorgeous little Raspberry and Almond cakes, which looked just as perfect as they did in the What Katie Ate cookbook.

It was agreed by all that none of us could ever compete with a barbecue of this standard, so we’re giving up and all barbecues from now on will be Jodie and Todd’s responsibility.

I’ve put together a selection of pictures from the evening, I hope they inspire your next shindig!

For more info on Pinney’s of Orford or to find out where to get their fabulous smoked salmon, click here!





Tom Cruise at work



Our wonderful hostess





You’ve got to have a foot selfie, am I right?

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